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Ventilation Control

Ventilation Control

Coned Parachute – Flexible Stoppings

Coned Parachute Stoppings are used to provide an effective temporary vent control, often used for sealing off old stopes and creating temporary vent circuits. The cone shape of the parachutes is designed to create a better seal in the drive, providing up to a 95% effecting seal.

All Parachutes are manufactured from high wear material, additional webbing reinforcement can be included for higher situational pressures.

Standard Coned Parachute sizes

6m x 6m tunnel
5m - 5.5m tunnel
4.5m - 5m tunnel

Parachutes can be manufactured to suit specific tunnel profiles or pressure capacities.

Flat Parachute Stopping

Flat parachute stoppings are made with the same high wear material as our coned parachute stoppings and are typically used to seal existing vent controls such as ventilation doors and fabricated stoppings.

Available in standard and custom sizing.

Retractable Ventilation Control Blind

Retractable Ventilation Control Blinds

Retractable blinds are a simple and proven Ventilation control for areas requiring vehicle access. These can be supplied to suit pressures up to 1.0kPa and to suit any tunnel profiles.

We manufacture these from a heavy duty grade material with extruded fiberglass cross members. Each blind is supplied in a full kit, with a heavy duty winch assembly for operation.

Ventilation Tilt Door

Ventilation Tilt Doors

Our Ventilation Tilt Doors are engineered quick cycle door, designed for frequent opening/closing. They are available with either automated pneumatic or hydraulic activation.


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