Product Questions


What is low leakage welded ventilation ducting?

Welded ventilation ducting refers to the manufacturing processes used in fabricating low leakage, straight ventilation duct sections. Previously, the seams and hanging fins were sewn. This perforated the material of the duct resulting in significant air loss through the seam and reduce air delivery to the mining face.

Advanced thermal welding technology has enabled the manufacturing of welded seam sealed ventilation ducts that provide lower leakage, enhance energy efficiency and optimise air flows to the mining face and working areas.

How will it benefit my mine site?

Welded ventilation ducting will benefit your mine site by:

  • Delivering more air to the mining face and working areas making it safer and more productive to work and operate.
  • The low leakage characteristics of the duct enhance energy efficiency by maximising air flow output for minimal kilowatt input. (The cost of power is the highest cost in mine ventilation by far.)
  • Made of tough duct materials with high burst pressure welded seams means less downtime, less replacement, less blow outs and increased service life.
How are you a complete solutions provider?

We cover the supply chain – from design and engineering to manufacturing and distribution – to ensure consistent reliability, performance and quality. We offer a range of mine ventilation products that are designed to deliver more air, and support demanding mine development and production schedules.

From the moment you enquire about our products, we have processes in place to ensure that you receive a consistently high level of service.

Even after your order has been delivered, we have in house technical support available to further assist you. We believe in clients for life – and effective ‘after purchase’ support.

If you have any questions, please call us on Freecall 1800 707 172.

How soon can we receive orders?

Our SOS (Ship Out of Stock) service enables us to deliver core stock products to your site within a very short time frame – generally in a couple of days.

If your order is customized and needs to be manufactured, we can also provide quick turnaround times as our manufacturing is ‘in-house’

Every order is accompanied by a confirmation of delivery so that you can know when to expect your order. If your order has not turned up, please call us on Freecall 1800 707 172 and we will track it down for you.

What is a “low shock loss” fitting?

A “low shock loss” is a duct fitting or junction e.g. T pieces and branch pieces that has been designed and manufactured to minimise disruption to air flows and optimise air delivery.

How extensive is your range of fittings?

Our range of fittings and junctions consists of more than just the regular T-pieces and Y-pieces. We have designed and manufactured a large range of fittings that have enhanced ventilation air flows for an array of mine site. Give us a call on Freecall 1800 707 172 to discuss. 

Industry Questions


What does AC represent to the industry?

AC Industries represents quality to the underground mining industry. This can be seen in all of our activities.

  • We design and manufacture high quality, best practice, low leakage ventilation ducting systems within Australia and supply to several mining regions within Australia and globally.
  • We provide quality customer service from the enquiry stage right up to the receiving the order. It’s all about your customer experience – which we aim to get right.
How can I effectively reduce DPM levels towards 0.1mg/m3 as per the recommendation from the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH)?

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) as carcinogenic to humans, it’s critical that maximum air is delivered to the mining face and work areas and no short cuts are taken in mine ventilation.

To effectively reduce DPM levels, a holistic approach needs to be taken, as there is no single solution. Low leakage, secondary ventilation ducting systems with good aerodynamics are recognised as one of the key components of the holistic approach and should be used in conjunction with other methods.

There has been a global industry shift towards the use of low leakage, welded seam ducting and it is now regarded as best practice globally for increased ventilation flows and better dilution of harmful contaminants and DPMs.

At AC, we are focussed on communicating changes within the underground mining industry and improved techniques and practices that can assist in reducing DPM levels towards 0.1mg/m³.