Manufacturing Principles

We manufacture all of our products to ensure the performance, safety and efficiencies that our clients need. Our manufacturing principles set the bench mark for the quality and durability of our products.


Our research and development team designs and engineers our products with the diverse challenges of mining operations in mind.

Ducting manufactured using advanced polymer technology and high precision welding processes ensures durability, lower leakage, less tearing and downtime, and increased efficiency. The results are more air where it’s needed and increased productivity.

We have structured Quality Assurance (QA) processes in place that enable dependable and consistent quality of our products. These processes, including batch numbering, seam construction controls and polymer strength and formulation, provides comfort to our clients that they are receiving the same high standard of product with each order.

In-house expertise and technical design systems for the development and manufacture of customised ventilation products.

In order to ensure high quality and reliable supply, we manufacture all of our products in our fully-automated Manufacturing Plant in Australia.