Meet Our Team 2015

Tony Wigg – Sales and Technical
Tony works directly with our clients to optimise their ventilation systems.
His technical expertise from his many years of experience and knowledge of mine sites allows Tony to engage with our clients and Industry partners to promote best practices within ventilation.
Leading development if our range to meet the ever-changing needs of the underground mining industry.

Sonja Moylan – Accounts and Administration
Sonja is involved in coordinating the manufacturing and fulfilment of customised products, freight inbound and outbound, purchase order processing and sales tracking.
Sonja’s ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism are a result of her years of experience as an executive assistant at a legal firm then co-managing a family run business. She is a motivated team member and highly respected by fellow team members and customers alike.

Brad Dunlop – Operations Manager
Brad is responsible for material sourcing, our manufacturing plant ensuring quality control and logistics and warehousing.
With Brad’s 18 years of experience in construction and IT Industries covering customer support, project management and leading teams globally he is a vital member to our AC IND Team.

David Simpson – Production Manager
David oversees production at our Manufacturing Plant. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction and mining industries and understands the importance of providing on-time quality products to the mining industry.
Responsibilities include production, logistics management, D&R of customised products as well as managing regional store stock levels. David continuously has his eye on the ball, his quick-thinking mind keeps everyone in check and guarantees consistent quality on the production floor.

Daniel Fawkes – Customer Service and Dispatch
Daniel is responsible for coordinating the dispatch of orders from our Sydney hub and ensures that all orders are sent out in a timely manner. Daniel communicates expedites with our customers and is always friendly, going the extra mile to make sure that our clients have the supplies they need.
He willing to lend a hand and helps other members of the team when needed.